Types of Vinyl Siding

Scallop vinyl siding

When you decide to go with cost-effective and durable vinyl siding for your home exterior you will have a number of types to choose from. Vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of styles including shingles/scallops, beaded, vertical and clapboard to name a few and when you pick out vinyl siding you want to make sure it fits the style of home you have. At Exterior Home Services & Supply we feature Alside vinyl siding products and can install any type of vinyl siding they manufacture. Here are a few of the more popular types of vinyl siding offered and the features of each.

Beaded – For homes that want a distinguished look beaded vinyl siding is a good option. A variation of traditional clapboard siding, beaded siding replicates the handcrafted bead that was originally produced in wood and features dramatic shadow lines that are created by the rounded bead at the bottom of a siding course. This distinct shadow is reminiscent of traditional wood siding and looks great on Colonial style homes. Beaded vinyl siding includes a subtle grain texture, warm low-gloss finish and can be found in terrific colors including white, maple, blue and gray.

Shakes – Whether you want traditional cedar shakes or staggered shakes we can install shake vinyl siding that will give your home exterior a handcrafted look. During production of Alside shakes, 80 different molds created from actual cedar shakes are grouped together to create patterns that feature mixed grain textures, varying widths and staggered joint lines. Staggered shakes include uneven patterns and a rough-sawn look that give the appearance of authentic handcrafted siding. For homes that want a unique and rustic charm, staggered shakes feature a deep cedar grain with 10” exposure and 5’ panels and are easy to maintain, unlike traditional wood that requires annual cleaning, staining and finishing.

Scallops – If you want a classic look for your home exterior, scallop vinyl siding is the the way to go. Architectural scallops offer homeowners a creative and versatile siding option that feature deep shadow lines which help to define the siding contours for a stunning visual display. Also known as half rounded shingles, scallop vinyl siding features a molded cedar texture and low gloss finish that give the appearance of real cedar shingles without the high cost and painting.

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